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established in 1989

Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporation

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Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporation is a land development company whose purpose is to acquire Douglas County properties, make improvements and develop new business opportunities and investment in Sutherlin, Oregon.   The Corporation was founded by individuals interested in jobs and growth in Douglas County. 

Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporation has been in operation for over twenty-eight years and has invested approximately eighteen-million dollars in land and utility infrastructure resulting in the current golf course, a one hundred sixty-five home residential development, a seventeen acre commercial development, a major Interstate 5 expansion and five hundred twenty-eight acres of residential and industrial zoned lands; all with an asset value exceeding one hundred and thirty-two million dollars. 

This tremendous effort was achieved over a 15-year period with an average growth rate of 2.5% marketing to California retirees.   The home sales comparable analysis has remained stable and consistent since the year 2003 ranging from three-hundred-thousand to six-hundred-thousand per home with Alaska Sutherland Knolls holding the dominant and exclusive properties available for growth and UGB expansion in Southern Douglas County.   Other buildable land is extremely limited in the City of Sutherlin and the City of Oakland and UGB expansion is limited until Alaska Sutherland Knolls inventory is utilized by reference to the “Spirit” of the State of Oregon Land Use Laws governing UGB expansion requests by rural communities.

The one-hundred ninety-three acres of residential zoned property is allowed a density of 3.14 homes per acre and residential buyers have access to I5 via Dovetail Boulevard and through the industrial property to Stearns road connected to I5-South connecting to the main Sutherlin exist.

The property has excellent views of the Cascade Range and coastal mountains, "Eye of the Dragon" style sunsets and is approximately one hour from major cities, the Oregon coast, down hill skiing and some of the most beautiful "Natural Wonders of the World" such as Crater Lake National Park and other concentrated beauty in the Umpqua National Forest.

The one hundred fifty acres of industrial land is protected by natural geological buffer zones providing security and protection for data centers and other sensitive activities and the remaining 183 acres of county property is available for expansion and holds a valuable and old 0.45 CFS and 0.59 CFS water right for industry or trade.  

The corporation has letters showing power, water, sewer, telephone, gas and dark fiber with a 20 us latency is available and typical for industrial application requirements.

It is difficult for a potential buyer to truly appreciate or understand the true value of this land without knowing the dedication and tenacity of the Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporate staff to work through the arduous governmental regulations that resulted in the current land holdings offered for sale and development.   The property phase I environmental has received a "No Further Action"  letter and the State of Oregon Governors Office has provided a "Shovel Ready Site Certificate" showing that the environmental issues have been mitigated  including a Whitetail Deer land swap mitigation, wetland mitigation, poppy seed mitigation, red legged tree frog mitigation, 15-acre land bank development and numerous co-ventures with ODOT and Douglas County to expand Interstate 5 and local roads to meet ongoing and accumulative land use and development traffic impacts.

This land package offers three adjacent and large parcels that cannot be separated into smaller lots without a partition.

193 acres of residential zone land (Asking Price $5,790,000)

149 acres of industrial zone land (Asking Price $3,500,000)

172 acres of Farm Forest with water rights (Asking Price $1,730,000)

We are offering all of the property for sale at a significant discount price or one of the three parcels for sale at the listed price.

Any reasonable offer from an experienced buyer is encouraged!

The following items are available electronically:

1.    2018 Sort Report

3.     Drawing of proposed home subdivision (not-completed)

6.     Water Right Certificats

7.     2006 MAI Appraisal Summary

9.     2017 Shovel Ready Certificate issued by Governor’s Office

We look forward to your interest in this tremendous opportunity!

James Hart, President

Renee Burk, Secretary