ASKC Land Offerings




We are delighted to provide a tour of a specific parcel or meet at the site to answer a question.  Please contact us directly or send us an email to set up an appointment.  



Our Contact Information (Serious Inquiry Only! No Agents or Brokers!

Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporation

For Sales Information:

James M. Hart, President

Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporation

PO Box 860

Sutherlin, Oregon  97479


(541) 580-6617

Text Message: (541) 580-6617

Please note that Seller's President works for a living on the West Coast and will respond as quickly as possible, so please leave a clear and slow spoken telephone number so we can return your call or better send a text message.

Kind Regards,

James Hart



Cash Sale Policy

Please do not contact us to broker or offer services to sell land for the Corporation.  This offering is for the direct sale and transfer of land to a qualified cash buyer only!