Industrial Parcels


modern industry solutions 

Unbelievable Industry Features are connected with this 150 acre parcel  

  • Natural Valley with High Berms

  • 150 acres of flat industrial land

  • can partition into 50 acre parcels or smaller

  • natural gas available

  • over 50 megawatts of electrical power

  • city water water tank available

  • 0.97 water right available (with adjacent farm land purchase)

  • faster than 20 us latency fiber connections available

  • four ingress and egress locations possible

  • City of Sutherlin Services, police, fire and water

  • sewer service available via existing forced sewer main

  • State of Oregon Shovel Ready Certificate Certified

  • 15-years tax incentive discounts

  • Adjacent to New 68 million Dollar Resort "Oregon Only"

  • Phase I Environmental "CLEAR" with No Action Letter

  • Wetland Mitigation Complete

  • Red-Legged Tree Frog Mitigation Completed

  • White-Tail Deer Mitigation Completed

  • Light Industrial Zoned

  • Commercial with Homes Above Possible Use

  • half way between Seattle and San Francisco


The Property

The one hundred fifty acres of industrial land surrounded by natural geological buffer zones providing security and protection for data centers and other sensitive activities.  Located within a 15-year economic incentive tax free zone program offered by the Oregon Governor's Office.   ASKC also holds UGB expansion property, 172 acres of property is available for expansion holding a valuable 1923 0.45 CFS and 0.59 CFS water right for industry or trade.

The corporation has letters showing power, water, sewer, telephone, gas and dark fiber with a 20 us latency is available for typical industrial application requirements.

It is difficult for a potential buyer to truly appreciate or understand the dedication and tenacity of the Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporate staff to work through the arduous governmental regulations that resulted in the current land holdings offered for sale and development.  It took the Corporation 28-years to work through the Whitetail Deer land swap mitigation, wetland mitigation, poppy seed mitigation, red legged tree frog mitigation, 15-acre land bank development and numerous co-ventures with ODOT and Douglas County to expand Interstate 5 and local roads to meet ongoing and accumulative land use laws implemented yearly.

  • Data Center Ready

  • Distribution Centrality

  • Natural Trucking Hub

  • Adjacent I5 North and South Access

  • Train Transport Near Property

  • Local Grants and Industrial Tax Incentives Possible


(Jim Hart) or James M. Hart, President

Alaska Sutherland Knolls Corporation

PO Box 860

Sutherlin, Oregon 97479


Cell:  (541) 580-6617 (West Coast Time)

Text Message: (541) 580-6617